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Zero to Hero is a casting agency for TV advertising and film work, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA
What does Zero to Hero offer?

We cast for television advertisements, extras for film, acting roles for film, presenters for promotional events, voice artists and voice overs for radio and television advertisements.

Once you are on our books, we offer you the opportunity to audition for whichever line of work you prefer, whether it be for television, film or radio. When we receive a "brief" (instruction) from a client, we go through it and carefully select the appropriate people who are with Zero to Hero who we feel have a good chance at getting the part.

Once we have selected you, we give you a call and you attend the audition. If you impress, you go through to the next round of interviews, until they pick YOU! It does take commitment to attend as many auditions as possible and once chosen, to be available for the photo shoots. There is work involved on your part and on ours, to make you successful!